Merle Pomeranains

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This is a page dedicated to Merle pomeranian puppies that have been born here at Dee Dee’s poms through the years. I will add new photos as I am able to in order to give you an idea of the variety of merles and the interesting colors and patterns they come in.

Merles are a fairly recent addition to the world of Pomeranians and still a bit controversial, although AKC is now accepting this color and even championed some beautiful merle poms.

The Merle effect in the pomeranian is caused by a dominant gene, so one of the parents in all merle breedings must be a merle in order to have a merle puppy.  There is a 50% chance of having a merle in a breeding with one merle and one non merle pom.

Merle is a color combination in dogs’ coats. It is a solid base color (usually red/brown or black) with lighter blue/gray or reddish patches, which gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect.

A merle dog can be completely merled (from a solid black, etc.)  or it can have additional colors in the coat…sometimes white markings, sometimes a “parti”, or possibly  tan markings as a black & tan pup would have.  All combinations are beautiful. 

Merle can also alter other colors and patterns besides the usual red or black. These combinations such as Brindle Merle or Liver Merle are not typically accepted in breed standards.

In addition to altering the base coat color, the merle gene can also modify eye color and coloring on the nose and paw pads. The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or part of the eye to be colored blue, sometimes in both eyes, sometimes in only one eye. Coloring on the skin and paw pads can also have the merle spotting…may be pink or black. 

The Blue Merles are black pups that have been “merled” creating a gorgeous weaving of grays/blue, silver and black.   If the pup is a “parti” with white areas, the colored area may be “merled” to create an even more interesting variety.

Orange pups and Cream colors and even Chocolates can be “merled”.  The oranges and creams very often will lose the merle patterning as they mature and it would be difficult to know that they were indeed merles.  That is why, especially if breeding, it is very important to know if the pup is a merle.  There are health risks associated with breeding white/cream merles or merles to merles….so please be sure you know if you are making the decision to breed for these beautiful creatures.

Of course, none of these babies are for sale….they have all found their forever homes, but if you want to see our current pomeranian puppies for sale, you can go to the “pomeranian puppies for sale” page or just click on the yellow button that says “available puppies”  on the right hand side of the home page.

116 Responses to Merle Pomeranains

  1. Lori Needham says:

    Debi – I Have spoken with you on the phone.
    Just wanted to make sure I am on the email
    Notification list. Waiting for a female blue Merele puppy.
    Appreciate your time.

  2. Meredith cheek says:

    I love the colors in these babies. I am just finding out about this breed and was wanting to know how much they run for?

  3. Christi Stacy says:

    Hi Debi. Thanks for emailing me about your new baby! He’s gonna be a beauty, but I’m still holding out for a small blk/silver Merle male. So if you could please leave me on your list, that would be great. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Christi Stacy

  4. Carolyn Barker says:

    Please put me on your list for 1 of your beautiful merle puppies.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Carolyn, all I need to put you on my list is a completed Buyer’s Questionnaire which can be found on my website under “purchasing” and actually submitted from there as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Ashley says:

    I was wondering how much you usually sell the pups for and about what size they are. My little girl really wants a pom for Christmas this year and I have a female about 4 lbs. She wants it around her size. I know they are pricey, so I was wondering how much you sell them for and if you’ll have any around Christmas time. Thank you for your time. Ashley Kusnierz

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for your interest in our pomeranians. My pups range in price from $1800 to $4000 depending on a variety of things. It is too early in the year to know what I will have next Christmas, but we have litters year round, so hopefully there will be one you love! 🙂

  6. melissa says:

    I am interested in a silver blue merle pomeranian. If you have any please let me know.

  7. kaleb hinkle says:

    Was wondering were u are based out of and what u are asking for a female blue merle pomeranian puppy? Any info would be greatly appreciated

  8. Angel Moreno says:

    Interested in a blue or chocolate merle with tan markings. If there is a chance you’ll be having some of these, how may i be put on a waiting list? Thank you.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Ahhhh…that is a very rare combination. I do have merles fairly often, but not always with the tan markings. If you would like to be on my waiting list for merles, you can send in a Buyer’s Questionnaire and I will put you on my list for merles.

  9. erika says:

    I got a blue pom pom and was curious hes worth. his mother is merle and the dad is blue pom. please help.

  10. Ebony mcmihelk says:

    Wanting to know when you have a male Merle puppy!

  11. Alec Benjamin says:

    Interested in a Blue Merle Pomeranian male or female and am located in Chicago, IL.

  12. Malika Haritavorn says:

    I am interested in a good healthy blue/silver merle Puppy of either make or female. I live in Bangkok Thailand. Am I considered a candidate for your list?

  13. Connie Bradley says:

    I am looking for a blue eyed Pom. Please email me, when you have one- a pup up to a year old. Either sex. 6 pounds at most.

    Thank You–

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Connie,
      Thanks for your interest in our pomeranians. I don’t really breed for the blue eyes, although I have gotten them on occasion, but rarely. I actually prefer the darker eyes, so that is what I strive for in my breeding program…so sorry!

  14. Yara says:

    Hi, I want to Know if You have female puppies , and if You do envíos to mexico??

    • Dee Dee says:

      Thanks for your interest in our pons! I do not currently have any puppies available but I do have litters coming in June/July. Please do check back with us then!

  15. Justin Stewart says:

    I was interested in a male blue Merle Pom.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Thanks so much for your interest in our pomeranians! I do currently have a waiting list for my merles. If you would like to be put on my waiting list, I would love for you to fill out my Buyer’s Questionnaire. Once I have that, I would be happy to add you to my waiting list! 🙂

  16. ron flint says:

    What is your going rate for your merils

  17. Daisy Dudek says:

    I was wondering if you have any blue Merles available at this time or a possible litter being born soon

    • Dee Dee says:

      I will be getting some 6 week old blue merles this Sunday. If you will send me an email, I will put you on my updates/notification list when I post them as available.

  18. suzie rather says:

    Female blue merle is what i would like, small si

  19. Tracy Stutzman says:

    I have two blue merles an a black pom. I was wondering how many pups can they have. My girl had 1 on her first litter an then had 7 her next. I got her fixed after that. Just curious whats the norm.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Size of litters really depends on the size of the mom. Larger poms usually have larger litters, but the average sized litter for pomeranians is 3….hope this helps! 🙂

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Cayn,
      Thank you for your interest in our pomeranians. Although I do occasionally get puppies with blue eyes, I do not specifically breed for them. I have never had a solid color with blue eyes, so I’m afraid I probably won’t have what you are looking for.

  20. Cindy Keith says:

    I recently bought a silver Merle Pomeranian(male) and am considering breeding him. What little I have read says not to breed Merle to Merle or to a white. So I am asking you for advice in this. What are the safest colors to breed with Merle. Ultimately would like to have Merle pups. Any advice you could share would be appreciated. Oh, my name is Cindy

  21. Dominic Brooks says:

    We are interested in a female black and silver blue merle. Please let us know if you have any or will soon! Thank you

    • Dee Dee says:

      We may have one in our upcoming litters this Fall/Winter, but we will be specifically breeding for our blue merles in Spring 2016

      • Dominic Brooks says:

        You replied to me about the silver/black merle…do we check back in with you if you have a fall or winter litter or will you let us know if you do?
        Thank you

        • Dee Dee says:

          If you will go ahead and fill out my “Buyer’s Questionnaire” and submit that to me I will add you to my updates/notification list so that you will be notified as soon as new litters arrive. We have bred one of our new merle girls, “Zanie” and if the breeding took, she will be due the first week of December. If you have a Buyer’s Questionniare completed and on file, you will be able to put a deposit down from that litter if she has some merles and you see one you love.

  22. Sherri Fox says:

    I am interested in a blue metal female or a tri color female. Where do you live? I am in California. Do you guarantee live delivery and a ri hour vet Chechen for any problems?

  23. m bishop says:

    hello..I so enjoyed reading all the comments from your viewers andyour answers.
    I have a Silver Blue Merle male dog, age 4…This is a shelter dog!! can you believe that?? I first fostered then adopted him..he has been”fixed”, so no puppies from him.
    He is the most beautiful dog, he has 1 blue eye and 1 black eye! I also have a 12 yr. old cream\white female pom. that was my husbands{deceased}. They both weigh abt. 6-7 lbs. each. They are the loves of my life..
    Thank you for letting me comment. I loved looking @ your dogs, my first time on the site and I loved it.. m. Bishop

  24. Michael says:

    Hi! Love checking out your poms’s beautiful pictures. I have a wolf sable female named Sansa. And I’m on a lookout for her future merle partner. How difficult is it to find a blue eyed merle? Thanks!

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Michael….I would love to see pictures of your girl! We are expecting litters to arrive in February with the possibility of merle. I do get blue eyes (one or both) on occasion…just depends on where the merle gene falls. Check back with us in a couple of weeks or email me to be put on my updates/notification list to be notified when the new litters arrive. Look forward to talking with you more.

  25. vetache daniels says:

    Really want a blue merle pom! They are beauties I have two kids and they want this breed!

  26. Alizé Salas says:

    Hi, my name is Alizé it’s pronounced Alizay by the way and I was wondering, since my birthday is coming up (April 11), how much it would be for a blue Merle Pom. Male preferably. I am located in Fort Worth Tx. Thank you very much for any information.

  27. Meeka says:

    Hey I was wondering if had any Australian blue merles.

  28. Teena Gibson says:

    I would love a female Merle pup. Not worried about eye colour. If you get any could you let me know. Healthy parents a must.

    • Dee Dee says:

      I just had a litter with two merle males….no females. I hope to have more sometime this summer. Please feel free to keep checking back! We have them at different times throughout the year.

  29. Arlin Hostetler says:

    I am looking for a blue merle pomeranian male with blue eyes. I prefer to have an adult weight of less than 10 lbs.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Thanks so much for your interest in our merles. We had two merles born last week. One is a chocolate merle, the other I am not sure quite yet. I will be posting photos this week. I rarely have blue eyes, but they do pop up on occasion. If you see one you love, let me know! 🙂

  30. Sigourney says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a merle female with full rights. I need her to be shipped over to Scotland?? Is this possible?? Thanks

  31. Reyan Fakhouri says:

    Hi Im looking for small blue Merle pom Would you be able to email pictures of puppies you have @[email protected]

    • Dee Dee says:

      I don’t have a true blue merle available right now. I have one that is partially blue and mostly red. But he is also on the large side….

  32. Reyan Fakhouri says:

    Do you know when you will?

  33. Ebony says:

    Interested in a Merle male

    • Dee Dee says:

      Thanks for your interest in our pomeranians…I really appreciate it! We will have some merles available in September. I look forward to talking with you more then! 🙂

  34. Milan says:

    Hi Dee Dee! I am wanting to purchase a pair of your poms, 1 merle and 1 another colour. I am in Australia, do you export? Your dogs are truly magical! I used to breed chihuahuas for show. Where are you located?
    Look forward to your reply.

  35. Milan says:

    Hi Dee Dee! I am wanting to purchase a pair of you beautiful poms, 1 merle and 1 other colour. I am in Australia and have lots of experience in exporting and importing as I used to work for an agency that had specialised in it. When will you have some available? If needed deposit can be supplied. I breed Chihuahuas and have many champions of the breed. Your dogs are truly magical.
    Look forward to your reply.
    Thanks, Milan

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Milan,
      Thanks so much for your interest in our pomeranians….I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I do not ship anywhere but the Continental United States. If you were wanting to come to the States to get one, let me know and we can talk more….

  36. Michelle says:

    Hey Dee Dee, I’m interested in a silver blue Merle Pom. Doesn’t matter if it girl or boy but I’d like them with blue eyes. Can you let me know when you get more in.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I am expecting Merles in August but don’t usually get them with blue eyes. Occasionally I may have one with one blue eye, but rarely. If you would send me an email, I would be happy to add you to my updates/notification list! 🙂

  37. Jenny B says:

    Hi Dee Dee.
    I’m very interested in your poms. I’ve been a Pom lover for 25 years! 🙂 can you put me on your list? Or however you notify of a new
    Litter coming.
    Thank you!
    Jenny B

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Jenny,
      I have added you to my updates/notification list so you will be notified when my new litters arrive. I look forward to hearing from you then! 🙂

  38. Malon says:

    Hey I’m interested in buying a blue eyed Merle pomeranian pup!!

    • Dee Dee says:

      Thanks for your interest in our merle pups….I do not have blue eyed merles very often. Please feel free to check my website….if I have one available, you will find him/her on the available page! 🙂

  39. Annie Murdock says:

    I’m interested in buying a blue Merle Pom female! Will be able to buy end of February!

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Annie
      Thanks for your interest in our pomeranians! I do have some litters due in December….the pups will be ready to go home in February. I look forward to talking with you more if you see one you love! 🙂

  40. Coleen says:

    I am interested in your Merle pomeranian they are absolutely beautiful I read a previous post and thoughthe I saw a little in December., and ready to go home in February are all the pups spoken for

    Thank you

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Coleen, Thanks so much for your interest in our pomeranians! 🙂 I do have some litters due this December that have the possibility of having merle pups. None are spoken for yet as I do not keep waiting lists for my pups. The first person who has a completed Buyer’s Questionnaire on file and wants to put down a deposit will be the one to get the pup. My December pups will be ready to go in February. If you would like to be added to my updates/notification list, you can send me an email and I will happily add you to my list so you will be notified when the new litters arrive.
      I look forward to hearing from you!

  41. melissa anderson says:

    I am interested in a blue merle male pom. Will you put me on the list when there are some available? and Could you also tell me the cost and if you ship to California?

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Melissa, Thanks so much for your interest in our pomeranians! If you would send me an email stating that you would like to be on my updates/notification list, I will happily add you to it. You will then be notified when the new litters arrive. We are hoping for some beautiful merles as well as other beautiful colors. My merles range in price from $2500 to $3500 and shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. is $375.00 in addition to the cost of the pup.
      I look forward to talking with you more if/when you see a pup you love! 🙂

  42. Nanette McDonald says:

    Your pups are absolutely beautiful and have such sweet faces. Hoping to find a Pom pup to join our family in the new year. I wanted to make sure I have completed all the necessary steps to be placed on the notification list should your future litters include any blue Merle’s. Thanks so much.

  43. Nadine bell says:

    Hello, I am interested in a Merle Pomeranian 🙂 but I live out of state and wondering if there is a way for shipping/flying the pup this way? When will you have any available? My mother has a Merle Pomeranian and he is the most beautiful, sweetest dog I’ve ever met. My hubby and I have been looking for them for a long time and yours are beautiful!!!

  44. Kim Allison says:

    I want to buy my daughter a blue Merle puppy for Christmas. Can you give me details on your next litter and also do you have any for sale to take home in December?

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your interest in our poms! 🙂
      We do not have any puppies available right now but are expecting several litters this month. We will be accepting deposits on the pups but they will not be ready to go home until they are 8 weeks old.

  45. Ashley says:

    How do you place a deposit?

  46. Zymia H says:

    Im looking for a Male Pomeranian puppy with nice pretty blue eyes.

  47. Kim Chartier says:

    Interested in a female blue Merle pup as comes available.

  48. Mia says:

    Hi!! I was hoping to be notified when you get new litters of Blue Merle Pomeranians, if that’s possible 🙂

  49. Ladonna Spargur says:

    Could you put me on your list and let me know when your next litter has arrived and how much they are and where you are located only because I’m in Kansas and I don’t want to have to ship a dog very uncomfortable and don’t trust shipping

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Ladonna,
      We are located in Central TX so if shipping is not an option you are probably better off finding a good breeder in your area. Thanks for your interest in our little guys though! 🙂 Much appreciated.

  50. Ashly says:

    Hello, im very interested in purchasing a female blue merle and understand the price range. I sent you an email, requesting to be place on the notification list. Just wanting to comfirm if you recieved it. Also i believe you stated a litter is due this month and wanted to know if they are all accounted for?

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Ashly,
      I did receive your email…thanks! Yes, we have two litters coming in March with the possibility of merle…I do not have a waiting list at this time.

  51. Marci McDonald says:

    Hi, I just have a question. I have been trying to find a male to breed with my blue merle female. I have tried to figure out what color would be best to breed with a blue merle. Do you know of a color chart that could help me decide what the litter would look like. I was thinking a parti to add white. What do you think about an Orange and blue merle?

  52. shannon burnett says:

    Dee Dee, I am interested in a blue merle male. Please let me know if I can get on a list and what information you need from me. Thanks!

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Shannon,
      You can email me and let me know that you are interested in a blue merle male and I will put you on my waiting list. I have two people in front of you waiting on a blue merle male.
      I look forward to talking with you more when we have one! 🙂

  53. margo says:

    I have a family with 3 male poms……we are looking for a blue merle male to be our lucky #4. Can you add me to your future litter list.
    Margo the pom mom

    • Dee Dee says:

      Hi Margo, If I could respectfully ask you to fill out my Buyer’s Questionnaire which can be found under “purchasing”, I would be happy to add you to my waiting list for merles!

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