Sept. 10, 2009
We have felt the first breeze with a hint of coolness to it this week and we have revived our hope that this dreadful heat wave will not last forever. We have had some much needed rain and things are green for the first time in nearly five months…everything looks so happy to have had a drink!
Our puppies are feeling it too. They must know that Fall is just around the corner because they are really frisky and running and playing and tackling each other…..expending more energy than I can imagine! (But they sure are sleeping good when they crash! (LOL)
We have several babies still with us from our summer litters and they are making themselves at home here! I know they will miss us when they leave, but they are certain to be so happy when they find out that there is no competition for affection in their new homes!
They are all just so adorable….I love this age….so happy and carefree and exploring and into everything! They are so eager to please and love to be loved on.
If you have an extra place in your heart for a little furball who is ready to shower you with love….let me know….we have some very special little pups.
Have a great day….

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