April 9, 2009
I’m not sure about a lot of areas in the country, but Spring has definitely arrived in Texas! It is 85 degrees here today and HOT! It is hard to believe that it was 33 degrees on Tuesday! But that is Texas for you!
The bluebonnets are carpeting the fields and everytime I see them it still takes my breath away. Soon the other wildflowers will join them in the most stunning array of color….I just love this time of year. From now until June there will be a crescendo of color from different varieties of wildflowers every week and such a beautiful display of God’s handiwork.
We saw our first hummingbird last week, the pecan trees are budding and the bees are buzzing! All of these a confirmation that the woods are alive and Spring is here.
Our puppies are getting cuter by the day and so playful and sweet! This is the age where I am so torn about them leaving….I love their sweet adventurous spirits but their endless energy is very tiring too! “grin”
This is the perfect time of year to add a new member to the family….so easy to train outdoors and have lots of time to play outside. These are the last of our Spring litters and though busy, we have had lots of fun with all of our babies this year. We will be breeding again in the summer for some cute little Fall furballs. I will try to keep the “upcoming litters” page updated.
Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend….

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