May 24, 2010
Today has been such a beautiful day for gardening. However, there are things to watch out for as you are gardening if you have a new pup on board.
Puppies have a natural curiosity and love to dig and consume just about everything, so I thought you should know about some of the hidden dangers in your garden area. You can find more information on the internet, but some of the more toxic bulbs, plants and flowers include daffodil, certain lilies, crocus, hyacinth and lily of the valley.
There are also fertilizers and growth enhancers, including cocoa mulch, blood and bone meal and any fertilizer containing disulfoton or organophosphates that might be harmful to your little one.
If you think your pet has ingested anything harmful, there is a Pet Poison Helpline at 800.213.6680.
Just be smart and remember you have a very curious little creature that doesn’t know any better.
Hope this helps.

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