December 1, 2008
With Thanksgiving so late this year, it doesn’t give much transistion time to Christmas! I feel like I need a week to digest all of my overindulgences this past week, but no time for that now…we will have more turkey to eat in just a few weeks!
We have made some changes to our available page so be sure to check it out. We have lowered the price on some of our babies for various reasons and we will have our white babies priced soon. They are getting cuter by the day….just so many boys! LOL
We have had lots of family in and out the last few weeks and our babies are the big hit with all the children of course! They have been dressed and carried and loved on and they are sad now that everyone is gone….no fear….more company to come soon!
We always get so many comments about how loving and adoring and “people oriented” our poms are….it is true….they are a very special breed and if you are looking for a lifetime of loyalty and love, you need to look no further….poms are just the sweetest.
Be sure to email or call if you have any questions about a specific puppy or litter….we love to talk about our pom babies.

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