August 30, 2012
Finally, after so many days of “it will surely be today”….BB’s puppies have finally arrived! She started the day acting like every other day….staying close by but nothing happening. About 10:30 she went into her whelping area and within one hour we had 5 gorgeous little puppies….incredible….she is one of our best whelpers….no nonsense…just get to business and get them here, cleaned up and ready to go! LOL
She had three beautiful merles (2 girls, 1 boy) and two shiny little blacks (1 girl, 1 boy). They are all doing great, including mom. One of the merle girls is really, really tiny, so we are keeping a close eye on her. She was born weighing only 2 1/4 oz. She seems strong right now, but the first 24 hours are the most critical.
I will have a litter picture up tomorrow.
We are so glad they are here and now I hope to finally get a decent night’s sleep! LOL

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