August 31, 2011
This has been the most incredibly hot summer I can ever remember.
As we enter into September tomorrow I can only hope and pray for some relief….
The “Kids” are ready for some relief too! The baby pools of water are too hot to even cool them off, so they spend most of their time inside in the AC (who can blame them!). But they do love the cool weather when it comes…..they love to romp and play and chase each other all over the place. I look forward to sitting outside and feeling a little crispness in the air…..back to reality….oh well.

Ellie’s babies are growing and getting bigger and stronger everyday….she has so much milk and they are taking advantage of it! She hardly leaves them for a second….such a great mom.

Both of Ellie’s girls have already sold, but our gorgeous little merle boy is still available.

I think all of my breedings took, yeah! , so I may have 3 or 4 more litters coming in the next month. These will be the last ones I have ready to go home this year, with the exception of Nessie. If she took, her babies will be ready just before Christmas.

I have loved hearing from so many of you….keep those updates coming….I feel like I can still love my pups from afar! Thanks so much for keeping me updated.
Have a great week!

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