February 10, 2011
I hope everyone is staying warm with this crazy cold weather. I know we can’t compare to many places in the country right now, but for us Texans it is mighty cold!
All of our babies (and adults) are snug and warm but they all seem to enjoy the cool air and even the little bit of snow!
I will be taking new pictures and updating the website this weekend. Our three boys from Ellie are just so cute and are approaching the irresistible age….so fun and sweet. They are still mostly sleeping right now, but just beginning to get some personality and learning to walk and get around. They will be maturing a lot in the next few weeks and then the fun begins! 🙂
We are also looking forward to the birth of Roxie’s babies which are due in just 12 days. She is a tiny girl, so we are not expecting a big litter, but she is pretty fat! This will be her first litter, so we are especially excited to see what she will have.
We also have several other litters coming up in March and I will be posting more information on those soon.
Stay warm! 🙂

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