Bella Due Any Day!

Bella is huge and just about to pop. She isn’t technically due until next week, but I know she sure is ready to have those babies. This is our first breeding with Bella and Patch so we are very anxious to see what she has. She is so sweet and we know she will be such a great mom.
Missy’s puppies were 3 weeks old yesterday and they are beginning to look like real little puppies now! I will have new pictures of them posted next week. By that time they should be walking and playing and showing some of their personalities.
Our exotic female “Paisly” is really unusual. The other three are, well, just absolutely beautiful. Their coats are coming in and the two partis are ice white with a little color and the cream male is stunning with his black muzzle and black pads on his feet. The rest of him looks like a mink coat. We just love them! It’s always so hard to let them go. Thanks for your interest in our poms – keep checking back for new pics.

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