Winter in Texas

January 20, 2017

This has been the craziest winter…..either lots of sunshine, blue skies, and temps in the 70 & 80’s or 20 degrees, blustery and freezing rain.  And sometimes both within a 24 hour span!  Only in Texas can the weather be this crazy.  We welcomed the sun today for the first time in almost a week and it warmed my skin and my soul!  Sunshine and blue skies somehow make everything better.

All of our pups were happy too….they were literally “laid out” from head to toe soaking in the rays….best time of year…..a nice warm body with a cool breeze….life just doesn’t get much better than this!  LOL

Our current puppies are getting so big and cute and they will be leaving us soon.  We have been so proud of this group of “cuties”.  So many pretty colors and markings and all of them seem to be so sweet.  I never tire of watching them grow and learn and turn so quickly from little furry balls to frisky little firecrackers.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely week and soaked in a few warm “rays” this week too!

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