Upcoming Litters

Gemma and Chip have been bred.  Both Gemma and Chip always give us gorgeous pups, so we are super excited about this pairing. We have paired them once before and they gave us a black, a black & tan and a gorgeous cream girl. Can’t wait to see what we will have this time. Super sweet personalties and very smart and strong. Litter due:  3.1.2020.  


Raycee and Ringo have been bred. We get such a variety of colors from this pairing…hard to say what we will get! In the past we have had sable, cream, black & tan, black and orange. Sweetest puppies ever! This will be Raycee’s last litter before she retires. So excited to see what she will give us. Litter due:  3.1.2020.  

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