Upcoming Litters

Sadie & Chip have been bred.  This is a repeat breeding.  This pair always produces the most unusual and exotic offspring.  We get gorgeous blue merle, blacks, an occasional sable from this pair.  Super beautiful pups….always exotic looking.  Can’t wait for these babies to arrive!  🙂 Litter born: May 29, 2019.  Photos and more information coming soon on the “available” page.  

Dizzy & Chip have been bred.   This is a repeat breeding for these two.  They have amazing babies with short little muzzles and wonderul short bodies.  They have had mostly creams with an occasional black, black & tan or orange sable.  Love these babies!  🙂  Litter born: April 3, 2019.  Dizzy and Chip had one little cream boy and he is adorable!  See available page for updated photos and more information

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