Upcoming Litters

Muffin & Chip have been bred.  This is a repeat breeding.  This pair always produces the most unusual and exotic offspring.  We get blue merle, blacks, an occasional sable and once in a while a black & white.  Super beautiful pups and sweet natured.  Can’t wait for these babies to arrive!  🙂 Litter due: April  22, 2019.  

Dizzy & Chip have been bred.   This is a repeat breeding for these two.  They have amazing babies with short little muzzles and wonderul short bodies.  They have had mostly creams with an occasional black, black & tan or orange sable.  Love these babies!  🙂  Litter born: April 3, 2019.  Dizzy and Chip had one little cream boy and he is adorable!  I will be posting photos of him in a couple of weeks.

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