Upcoming Litters

Dizzy & Ringo have been bred.   Dizzy produces beautiful little pups as does Ringo….always adorable babies. We usually get lots of pretty creams but once in a while we get a surprise!  🙂   Litter born: July 15, 2018.  Dizzy had 3 beautiful boys.  One orange sable with white markings, and 2 blacks with white markings.  Email if you would like photos or more information on a particular pup.  Pups will be posted as available at 6 weeks of age but would be happy to send information to you personally before that time.

Zaney & Chip have been bred.   We are expecting some blacks and hopefully some gorgeous blue merle pups.  Zaney is such a great mom and gives us very nice pups.  Litter due: August 10, 2018.  

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