Upcoming Litters


Taylor and Chip have been bred.  We have repeated this pairing several times because they consistently give us the most GORGEOUS babies! They have had black, black & tan, cream, orange and orange/red sables….all just fabulous. This will Taylor’s last breeding as she will be retiring after this one. She is the sweetest girl and truly loved. Litter due:  2.19.2020.  


Cameo and Ringo have been bred. We get such beautiful babies and and interesting colors with this pairing. We are always surprised and never sure what we will get. Both have lots of color and partis in their lines. Puppies are not only gorgeous but super sweet and usually very small. We love this pairing and are so excited to see what they will give us this time. Cameo is the best mom and loves and adores her puppies. She could be a perpetual mom. 🙂 Litter due:  2.25.2020.  

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