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MIKA ***Available***

Parents: Muffin & Walker. DOB 12.11.14
Mika is a beautiful black girl with such a gorgeous shiny coat.  Very nice headset already showing with nice short muzzle and sweet expression.  Looks like she is going to be a very nice girl.  Birthweight: 4 3/4 oz. AKC Registration.  $2000.000

MITZI ***Available***

Parents: Muffin & Walker. DOB 12.11.14
Mitzi is a stunning blue/silver merle girl with lots of silver on her face and wonderful contrast in her coat.  She already “sparkles: and we are so proud of this girl!  Muffin is such a sweet girl…we are sure her babies will be sweet too.  Birthweight: 4 1/4 oz.  AKC Registration/no breeding rights.  $2750.00

MERRILEE ***Available***

Parents: Muffin & Walker. DOB 12.11.14
Merrilee is a cute little black female with adorable white markings.  All four of her paws are white just like she has boots on.  Her chest is also white and will really be gorgeous once she has her full coat in.  Nice little blaze down her head.  She is obviously parti factored and would make a great brood for a parti breeding program.  She will also make someone a very cute companion!  Birthweight:  5 1/2 oz.  AKC Registration $2000.00

PRANCER ***Available***

Parents: Ziya & Walker. DOB 11.12.14
Prancer is a gorgeous blue merle male.   This little guy is just amazing.  Gorgeous head.  Incredible color and markings…. such nice contrast in color in his coat.  Lots of black mixed with beautiful silver/blue.  Very unique and one of a kind.  Such a great looking boy! Weight at 4 weeks: 22 1/4 oz.  AKC registration/no breeding rights.  Prancer will be ready to go home on or around January 7, 2015.  $2500.00

CUPID ***Available***
Parents: Raycee & Simba. DOB 11.11.14
Cupid is an unusual and very stunning blue merle.  Gorgeous deep black with silver underbody and wonderful facial markings that will lighten up to a blue silvery color as he matures.  He also has black & tan markings coming in, so without the merle gene this little guy would have been a black & tan….beautiful!  Very short muzzle with the sweetest little face I have ever seen….so, so cute. Weight at three weeks: 12 oz.    Very special little guy…. a head turner for sure. AKC Registration/no breeding rights  $3500.00  Cupid will be ready to go home on or around January 6, 2015.

DONNER ***Sold***

Parents: Persia & Jack. DOB 11.17.14
Donner is a gorgeous black male already sporting a lush full coat. All four of his paws are dipped in white like he is wearing boots and he has a good bit of white on his chest which will show up more as his coat comes in….so cute!   Fantastic ear and headset with the adorable short muzzle that I love.  He and his brother look like little black bear cubs.  Very nice compact body with great bone.  Should be very smart as his mom is one of the smartest poms we have.  Weight at three weeks:  19 1/2 oz. Full AKC Registration $1800.00 Our sweet Donner will be joining Florisa and her family…..so excited for this boy!  :)

BLITZEN ***Available***

Parents: Persia & Jack. DOB 11.17.14
Blitzen is an adorable black male with just a smidgen of white on each paw. Great  headset with an adorable teddy bear face.   He and his brother look like little black bear cubs.  Very nice compact body with great bone and sturdy build.  Comes from very intelligent lines and great agility.  Weight at three weeks:  23 oz. Full AKC Registration $1800.00 Blitzen will be ready to go home on or around January 12, 2015.

KOKO ***Available***

Koko is a stunning solid chocolate male.  Tiff always gives us the most beautiful and unusual colors.  Sweetest little face and perfect little round body.  He is just a knockout. Weight at three weeks: 15 oz.  $2500.o00

***Puppies with deposits placed can be seen on my “Pastpoms” page.***

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