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KALI (Parents: Katelin/Dusty). DOB 6.22.2017   AVAILABLE  $2800 
Kali is a beautiful orange sable girl.  I think as she matures she will lose most of the black on her coat and end up being all orange.  She has that sweet teddy bear face that everyone wants and always looks like she is smiling!  Her coat is magnificent and she would be the perfect type to groom like the infamous “Boo”.  She is a doll!  7 week weight:  1 lb. 9 oz.  She is available as a pet with limited AKC Registration, but is also available as a breeding or show propect.  Full AKC Registration required for breeding or showing is an additional $500.  Kali will be ready to go on the 20th of August.

ZEUS (Parents: Zaney/Chip). DOB 7.24.2017   AVAILABLE  $3000
ZEUS is a very unusual multi colored merle.  He has blue merle characteristics in his coat and also has red merle characteristics in his coat.  He is showing a little more red now that his coat is coming in, but still has some light grays in different areas, especially his face….very exotic looking!   Should be a super cute guy.  Zaney always throws such unusual colors in her litters.   2 week weight:  7 1/2 oz.    Zeus will be ready to go around the 17th of September

ZANN (Parents: Zaney/Chip). DOB 7.24.2017   AVAILABLE  $2500 
Zann is a handsome solid black boy with no mismarks of any color.  Adorable little face and body on this guy.  Blacks are very hard to photograph but they are one of the oldest and most traditional colors and have become hard to come by in the last few years, especially the ones with no white or other marks.  This guy is adorable.  🙂   2 week weight:  8 3/4 oz.    Zann will be ready to go around the 17th of September

ZARA (Parents: Zaney/Chip). DOB 7.24.2017   AVAILABLE $2800
Zara is a gorgeous black girl with the sweetest face.   Her coat is already massive….black & shiny.  No other color on this girl.  Solid blacks are hard to come by these days.  Zara is a beauty.  Blacks can be hard to photograph because they absorb light, but check out some of the past black puppies on my “Black Poms” page to see how adorable they are. 2 week weight 9 1/2 oz.    Zara will be ready to around the 17th of September.

AUREK (Parents: Zsa Zsa/Chip). DOB 7.26.2017   AVAILABLE  $2500
Aurek is a stunning clear orange/golden boy.  I don’t get this color very often and I just love it when I do.  He is a solid color with the exception of a tiny dot of white on his forehead that may or may not appear as his coat matures.  Such a sweet little face….can’t wait to see this boy mature.  Zsa Zsa just gives us such gorgeous babies. 2 week weight:  Aurek  will be ready to go around the 18th of September 

AZI (Parents: Zu Zu/Chip). DOB 7.25.2017   AVAILABLE  $3500
Azi is a very exotic and adorable blue merle male with a few shades of chocolate mixed into his coat.  Azi’s grandmother on his dad’s side was a solid chocolate so he is probably carrying the chocolate gene as well as the merle gene.  I love the way his face is marked with half light and half dark….stunning.  He is super cute. 2 week weight:  12 1/8 oz.  Azi  will be ready to go around the 17th of September 


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