Pomeranian Puppies for Sale

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If you are interested in any of our available puppies, I would love for you to fill out my Buyer’s Questionnaire which can be found on my website under “purchasing”.  Once I have received that, I would be happy to talk to you about the next step to bring one of these babies home!  🙂  If you just need more information, you can email me at the above email address.

GWENParents: GEMMA/RINGO DOB 4.28.2018  Available $2800

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Gwen is one of three black sisters….all beautiful.  Gorgeous thick black coat with the sweetest face and beautiful headset/expression.  Blacks are always hard to photograph, but you can see more of our blacks and how beautiful they are under “Photos” then scroll down to the “Black Poms” page. Blacks are one of the original pomeranian colors but as breeders have moved more towards exotic colors in the pomeranians, the nicer solid blacks are harder to find.  We have seen a resurgence of interest in the blacks in the last year or so.  They have always been one of my favorites.  🙂  2 week weight: 11 3/8 oz.  AKC Registration available upon request. This gorgeous girl will be ready to go home around the 23rd of June.

PARKERParents: PENNY/JAX DOB 5.13.2018 AVAILABLE $5000

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PARKER is an extraordinary blue merle parti male.  He is almost just a solid blue parti, but since he does have a bit of merling in his coat, he is classified as a blue merle parti.  However, his final coat will be mostly silver and white with just a tiny bit of black, especially outlining his eyes….so gorgeous!!  I have only had similar coloring to this a few times…very rare to get mostly blue/silver with so little black.  I love the white face on this boy…such an amazing contrast to the other colors.  He really is spectacular.  His pink nose pigment will fill in with black in the next couple of weeks.  What a lovely little creature!  🙂 One week weight: 6 7/8 oz. AKC registration available upon request. $5000

PRESTONParents: PENNY/JAX DOB 5.13.2018 SOLD $5000

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PRESTON is a very extraordinary blue merle parti male.  His coloring is so gorgeous.  One side of his head is mostly all ice white and the other is silver blue/gray with a very distinctive black marking around his eye.  He is a beauty.  He is so unique and will be a head turner for sure. He is a great little nurser and is doing great.  🙂  One week weight: 7 oz. AKC registration available upon request. $5000 Preston will be joining Jenna in MN

PAXParents: PENNY/JAX DOB 5.13.2018  PENDING $5000

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PAX is a very unique and gorgeous blue merle male.  Perfect merle markings and a solid blue face which is very unusual and so extraordinary!  He is going to be such a knockout.  Beautiful color on this boy and such a nice headset and body.  He is one of a kind….One week weight 8 1/2 oz.  AKC registration available upon request. $5000  Pax is pending for Lori in TN

PEARCYParents: PENNY/JAX DOB 5.13.2018  SOLD  $3800

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PEARCY is a handsome, beautifully marked “calico” merle….not sure what I will actually label him….currently he has blue, red, grey, brown and black in his coat and even has some white on his paws.  Very unique and interesting!  Such a darling little guy and definitely unique!  He will make someone a very special and fun companion….everyone will wonder what he is!  🙂  One week weight: 7 3/8 oz. AKC registration available upon request.  $3800 This incredibly unique little guy will be joining Betty in ME

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