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Parents: Zsa Zsa & Walker. DOB 4.29.16
Zorro is a super cute merle boy. We are not sure what color he is going to be.  He has red coming in around his head and some lighter bluish grey coming in towards his back side….very unusual and exotic looking.  His merle markings are very nice and his headset is wonderful with the wide muzzle like we strive for in the pomeranians.  Very interesting and beautiful little boy! Weight at 4 weeks: 1 lb. 6 oz.  AKC Registration. $2,800.00

Parents: Zsa Zsa & Walker. DOB 4.29.16
Zippy is a very rare chocolate merle boy.  He is stunning!  His markings are so unique and interesting.  He is the smallest in the litter.  We can not wait to see what this boy will look like in a few weeks.  Weight at 4 weeks:  1 lb. 1 oz.   AKC Registration (no breeding rights). $4,000.00


Parents: Zsa Zsa & Walker. DOB 4.29.16
Zeena is a lovely orange sable girl.  She will end up being mostly orange I think and may or may not keep the black tips. Nice short muzzle and sweet face.  She is going to be such a nice looking girl.  Weight at 4 weeks: 1 lb. 9 oz. AKC Registration. $2,800.00 Our sweet Zeena will be joining Natalie in Louisiana


Parents: Brynleigh & Prince. DOB 4.26.16
Bindy is a lovely cream girl with the sweetest little face and such a gorgeous color.  I love that her pigment is already black…such a beautiful contrast.  She is going to be such a great looking girl.  Weight at 4 weeks:  17 1/4 oz. AKC Registration. $2,800.00


Parents: Brynleigh & Prince. DOB 4.26.16
Bentley is a stunning wolf sable male. This is the rarest color to come by in a Pomeranian. Currently all of his under growth is gray with all sorts of shading coming in, but I am not seeing any orange or cream shades at the moment. He is just magnificent and getting more beautiful by the day. We are in love with this boy. Weight at 4 weeks: 15 oz. AKC Registration. $3500.00 This fantastic boy will be joining Marie in Texas

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