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Shadow ***AVAILABLE***

Parents: Summer & Walker. DOB 1.31.14
Shadow is being made available again as of 4.13.14.  He is a GORGEOUS little black boy with grey undercoat.  He is 10 weeks old.  Although he was originally sold early on, due to personal circumstances, the new owner could not take him right now.  He is super social and absolutely lives to be with his “people” all the time.  He loves to play and loves all the other dogs.  He would do well with an active family and would especially love any other “critters” or children in the household.  He doesn’t particularly love being alone, but prefers to be in the middle of all the activity!  LOL  He has been to the vet, had his shots and is ready to go.  He will be an incredible addition to any family!  :)  We just adore him.  AKC Registration.  Charting to be 6.5 to 7 lbs…..very strong and great bone.  Cutest little face in the world.  $1200.00 (Priced reduced 4.16.14….only because he is a little older and we have these other nice black boys coming up too!…..great opportunity to get a quality pom (this boy has show potential)…for a great price!  :)

Asher ***AVAILABLE***
Parents: Ziya & Walker. DOB 3.29.14
Asher is a darling little black male with just a touch of white on his chest.  Very nice coat and great headset on this boy.  Will look a lot like his dad, “Walker” at maturity.  Walker is making us proud!  LOL   AKC Registration $1800.00

Aragon ***AVAILABLE***
Parents: Ziya & Walker. DOB 3.29.14
Aragon is a very unusual and exotic orange or chocolate merle….not sure on his coloring yet.  If his nose pigment comes in a chocolate or liver color, then he is definitely chocolate. Otherwise, I will say he is orange.  Either way, he is a stunning little guy.  The merle patterning will not be as apparent at maturity as much as it is with the blue merles, but nevertheless,  he is gorgeous!  :)  AKC Registration (no breeding rights) $1800.00

Richie ***SOLD***

Parents: Rikki & Walker. DOB 4.3.14
Richie is a handsome chocolate male with white markings….perfect little white blaze down his forehead and white chest and four white “socks”.  He is a love.  AKC Registration $2000.00 This great little guy will be joining Kat in Texas

Robby ***AVAILABLE***

Parents: Rikki & Walker. DOB 4.3.14
Robby is precious little black boy.  Great looking headset and wonderful coat coming in.  Great bone and already looks very compact with nice short back. AKC Registration $1800.00

Rhett ***AVAILABLE***

Parents: Rikki & Walker. DOB 4.3.14
Rhett is a great looking black male.  Blacks are so hard to photograph as they absorb the light, but this guy is really great.  Gorgeous coat and sweet little face.  AKC Registration.  $1800.00


 If you would like to be added to my updates/notification list just send me your email and I would be happy to add you.  I send notifications of the new births out to this list for first priority.    Please visit my “upcoming litters” page to see who is expecting.  Puppies prices start at $1600 and up depending on size, sex, pedigree, color, etc…..see “purchasing page” for more info on pricing.

***Puppies with deposits placed can be seen on my “Pastpoms” page.***

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