Pomeranian Puppies for Sale

phone: 512 785 4003
email: debi@deedeespomeranians.com
Texas State License #235

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“ALFIE” (Ziggy & Ringo) ***SOLD***

Parents: Ziggy & Ringo. DOB 10.11.15
Alfie is a stunning boy.  He is a black & tan tri party….black with white markings and tan points coming in on his eyebrows, cheeks, and tail….hard to tell in the photos but will be showing up more prominently in the next few weeks as more of his coat comes in. Beautiful headset and perfect little muzzle.  Absolutely gorgeous boy!   AKC Registration $2500 This gorgeous boy will be joining Mariah in Maryland

“ROCCO” (Rylee & Ringo) ***SOLD***

Parents: Rylee & Ringo. DOB 10.20.15
Rocco is a handsome cream/almost white boy with nice dark pigment already coming in.  Gorgeous coat on this boy and beautiful headset with nice expression and perfect eyes.  He is going to be a knock out.  Weight at 4 weeks: 23 1/2 oz.  AKC Registration  $2500  This boy is joining Mia and her family.

“RAMBO” (Rylee & Ringo) ***AVAILABLE***

Parents: Rylee & Ringo. DOB 10.20.15
Rambo is a great looking black male with just a small area of white on his chest.  Very nice coat coming in and great body with nice bone.  I love the blacks….even though it is hard to photograph them….they are always such beautiful dogs and he should be very nice.  Weight at 4 weeks: 23 1/2 oz.  AKC Registration  $2000

“ROXIE” (Rylee & Ringo) ***SOLD***

Parents: Rylee & Ringo. DOB 10.20.15
Roxie is a stunning little black girl with just a squiggle of white on her chest.  She is the smallest of the litter and such a sweetie.  Beautiful little face with such endearing expression and gorgeous eyes.  Her coat is shiny and coming in nice and thick.  She is going to be a doll.  Weight at 3 weeks:  18 oz.  AKC Registration $2500 Roxie will be joining Liz in Texas

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