August 4, 2018

Summer is always challenging here in Texas because of our extreme heat and other various elements.  We have all kinds of critters that other states don’t necessarily deal with, like mosquitoes, ants, crawly critters, etc…..I have never known life without them, but I can certainly imagine it!  I can dream, can’t I?!    🙂

It has been a strange summer here in Texas, with extreme heat in May, then relief, then again in July, then relief….all the while watching the fire danger increase.  Living in the midst of the Piney Woods and having survived two wildfires in the last decade always keeps us on edge!  We find our poms doing exactly what we wish we were doing…laying around in the cool air conditioning and only wanting to go out for VERY brief periods. It might seem lazy, but we call it here in Texas, “surviving”.

We are coming in to the last long stretch of heat for this year and this is where it gets really challenging….tired of the heat by now we daydream about the first “cold” front. (That means temps in the low 90’s here.  LOL)

Two of my moms are pregnant right now and their delivery date is fastly approaching.  They do not leave my side unless I need to go outside for some reason…at that point they stop and look at me like, “really? no thank you….I will wait for you inside..”  It is really hysterical and so strange that they can be so human!  But hey….I feel their pain.  🙂  Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

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Whew!  The last two days have been a whirlwind….I got a text on Monday that the American Kennel Club (AKC) would be out for inspection on Wednesday, so we went into high gear to make sure that everything was spic and span….I am a perfectionist at heart and I am over the top about everything being organized and in order, so, even though I drive my husband crazy, he supports my compulsions!  🙂

Of course, everything went well and the Inspector raved about my cleanliness and organization.  It sure feels good to have it done.

Babies are doing great and growing every day.  I love seeing the mamas dote on their babies….always warms my heart.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week….


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May 15, 2018

It has been the most glorious, cool, rainy Spring…very unusual for our area, but it has been wonderful.

Today, with the humidity at 90% and high temps….well it’s sauna time again.

Things are in full swing here with blackberries needing harvested, peaches coming in, tomatoes getting ripe….we are “alive” with harvest.

Picking blackberries this morning was interesting with 5 pomeranians curiously gathering around….some getting tangled in the blackberry thorns, wondering who snagged them, :), and some actually trying to eat the blackberries….reminded me of trying to pick blackberries with 5 two year olds!  Needless to say…I will try again later on my own.

Penny had her litter this week….text book delivery and I even got to sleep for most of the night!  Yay!  She had 2 blue merles and 2 parti merles….gorgeous litter!  All boys….I will be posting her pups later this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last bit of Spring before Summer is upon us. Things are beautiful here with babies abounding….baby calves, baby horses, baby apples, baby peaches, baby chickens, and baby poms!  Life is good….

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This year is turning out to be a tough one….I lost my only brother to cancer this past month and way too soon.  I have been out of state at least once a month for the past year and it is beginning to show around here….but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

Cancer is such a wicked disease….seeing it up close and personal….just so wrong…..almost like an alien has taken possession of the body to do with as he pleases….

He will be greatly missed….he was so loved and his personality was bigger than life….so hard to understand, but I know there is a greater purpose and he is free of pain and suffering, and I will see him again…..

Coming home to a “new” normal is a challenge, but I am trying to get my head straight and in the game again….my heart will be a long time healing, but life marches on and I am trying to find the beauty and goodness around me again and to have a grateful heart.  I am keenly aware of the brevity of life and I do not want to miss a moment.

I hope your year has been better than mine, but I know we are all in this together and we can do it.

I had a litter of four beautiful little creatures born this week and I am reminded again of the miracle of life.  This was Gemma’s first litter and it never ceases to amaze me how these mamas know exactly what to do the moment the pup is in the world…..she is such a great mom and we are so blessed with these tiny new creatures.  I will be posting the litter sometime this week.

Spring in Texas this year has been incredibly beautiful and has stayed cool…(which we will take any day).  I hope you are enjoying all the color with the wildflowers in bloom and the trees blossoming….my favorite time of year.

If you are needing a new little baby to love….let me know….we should have a wonderful group of puppies this Spring and Summer and there is nothing that will bring you as much joy as a new baby pomeranian! 🙂

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